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What is MyEDProfile™?

Over the course of the last 2 years, the MyEMSolution (My Emergency Medicine Solution) team developed a unique product that was successfully launched on 1 April 2019. Our goal was to create a PIPEDA | HIPAA compliant patient chart that was not only secure but accessible from anywhere in the world.

Why MyEDProfile™?

The idea started even before the Borland Medi-Clinic opened it’s doors in March 2018. We realized that patients had little knowledge about their medical conditions, medications and special investigations and would refer to it being on the global system that was non existing.

You see, all physicians are now encouraged to work on an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) which makes life easier for us as it can capture and display tons of data relevant to the patient in front of them. Not only does it store years of information, but it allows physicians and nurse practitioners to make better decisions surrounding your care. The downside is that multiple EMR systems exists in a very competitive market and physicians will often choose the system that is affordable and fits into their respective technical comfort zone, which creates an even bigger problem as these systems fail to communicate with each other in any way or form. This becomes very problematic in a walk-in clinic and emergency room when only 75% of the information is available to the treating physician.

In 2017, we started to develop an Emergency Room specific EMR. Our goal was to create a platform that would display critical information while allowing the physician to chart only the necessary information, allowing them to spent more time with the sick patient in front of them. I forgot to mention, that entering data into an EMR is extremely time consuming when done correctly and the one thing we don’t always have in a busy emergency room is time for these administrative tasks. As we played around with different concepts of what this should look like, we started creating profiles for our patients and imported only ER specific information into the profile that was carried over from one provider to the next. This not only promoted continuity of care but saved time in performing time consuming administrative duties.

In 2019, MyEDProfile™ transformed from a simple platform that captured only essential patient information into a secure patient record that was patient operated and accessible by health care providers from anywhere, anytime when time matters.

What functionality is incorporated into MyEDProfile™?

Although MyEDProfile™ captures your personal health information and displays it in a way that healthcare professionals can interpret the information quickly and effectively, it is much more than that.

  • Health Information Captured
    • Allergies
    • Previous Medical History
    • Previous Surgical History
    • Medications
    • Goals of care
    • Screening
    • Laboratory results
    • Social History
    • Family History
  • Notifications
    • Providers are able to communicate with their patients through a secure messaging system that will prompt users (patients) to visit their profile once an update was done. We integrated this functionality to ensure that users are always updated of any changes made to their profile.
  • Support
    • We integrated a support team to help users and providers built exceptional profiles with MyEDProfile™ and will offer live support during business hours, as well as MD support during after hours on selected days.

The MyEDProfile™ also allows you to upload pictures of rashes, image reports, consultation notes and more from your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

We are also building a Health Tips section that informs patients what their weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and certain laboratory results should be. Incorporated into our Health Tips section is also links to extremely valuable resources on the internet to ensure that you are informed every step of the way.

How secure is MyEDProfile™?

As I mentioned before, we started our journey creating the ultimate emergency electronic medical record. To ensure that we comply with Canadian regulations, we built MyEDProfile™ on PIPEDA principles. Our website is secured with the most sophisticated SSL certificate on the market to ensure that your information remain safe at all times.

As MyEDProfile™ is PIPEDA compliant, it is encrypted and profiles can only be accessed by entering the 3-factor authentication created when creating your MyEDProfile™. In the event that a Provider is creating the profile on your behalf, the 3-factor authentication will be shared with you through our encrypted network used to store documents created by the MyEDProfile™ software.

MyChart – Your Virtual Health Passport

Later in 2019, we hope to integrate telehealth into our solution. Not only will this provide users (patients) with a more convenient option to consult a MyEMSolution Virtual Practice Physician through the MyEDProfile™, but it will allow emergency physicians to securely communicate with nurses and nurse practitioners in remote locations and assist them with making difficult decisions.

For this purpose we built the MyEDProfile Physician Suite that is a fully functional EMR supported by MOA’s and is connected to a secure faxing service and MyChart, a platform for storing all reports, prescriptions and documents created within the MyEDProfile™. What makes MyChart unique is that it is 100% accessible by the user from their smartphone or desktop and secured by Citrix technology.

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