Our team of family physicians are available 08:00 – 17:00 for Telehealth consultations for patients with COVID symptoms.  Our goal is to evaluate you through / ZOOM and guide you regarding your symptoms and assess whether you need to be evaluated by a dedicated COVID physician.

The physicians involved in this service are all working within the dedicated COVID unit in our hospital and made their services available to help those in need. Please note that only COVID associated symptoms will be assessed through this interface.

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Submitting a request form

Once you completed a consultation request through the website, our dedicated MOA's will send you a link to connect with the on-call physician through their respective platform. We recommend that you install ZOOM on your smartphone or computer. Those of us using, will send you a link to access their virtual waiting room.

The service is covered by MSP and we require the information to create a chart for you within our respective Electronic Medical Record systems. The information entered will be distributed to the MOA via email and is secured in a password protected PDF file.

We take privacy very seriously and will only use the information provided by you, to create your chart and provide a service to you regarding COVID-19.

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Step 3: Confirm your email address. (Check your junk mail)

Step 4: Request a consultation

Our physicians are located in Williams Lake and is registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

  1. Dr Johann Schreve - Medical Director Borland Medi-Clinic, Williams Lake, BC
  2. Dr Chris Kriek - Physician Cameron Medical Clinic, Williams Lake, BC
  3. Dr Werner Engelbrecht - Physician, Cameron Medical Clinic, Williams Lake, BC
  4. Dr Roland Engelbrecht - Physician, Atwood Clinic, Williams Lake, BC

This virtual walk-in service regarding COVID-19 can be accessed by any person living in British Columbia over the age of 16.