Registration Process

Since we opened our doors in 2018, our aim was to reduce waiting times by applying a registration process and allocating time slots for the day. Our schedule is set-up in 10 minute intervals that allows us to provide patients with an estimate time of when they will be seen.

Before we can treat you, we require a once-off registration form that captures your particulars and consent to access your Pharmanet profile. This is a standardized process for all walk-in clinics in British Columbia and allows us to create a chart for you at our clinic.

To speed things up, we have created an online registration form that can be accessed when logging in to Borland Connect. To access Borland Connect, start your account on the right.

Our doors usually open at 08:30 to start the registrations for the day. Our MOA’s will guide you through the process and will provide you with an estimate time slot for when you will be seen. 

We have approximately 22 slots for the day as we do have a full family practice that is scheduled for the afternoons. 

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