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Subscription refills done through the pharmacy or by phone will be charged $30.00 from 1 January 2020 as this is an uninsured service not covered by MSP.  Please submit requests for refills through  Borland Connect and we will process them within 2 business days or visit us during walk-in hours. Only prescription refill requests submitted through Borland Connect will be processed.




Our consultation times are listed under Hours of operation. MSP and Private consultations available for those that are not insured by MSP.

Waiting Times

Our philosophy is to keep waiting times to a minimum. We usually open the doors at 08:30 and will only provide those who are registered for the day with a time slot.


NO NARCOTIC or BENZODIAZEPINE refills will be done for walk-in patients from 1 January 2020. Click on the icon to view drugs in these classes.


We accept WorkSafeBC claims and will work with you through your injury. Please inform our staff if your visit is WorkSafe related.


We accept ICBC claims. Please inform our staff if your visit is ICBC related to ensure that paperwork is completed in a timely fashion.


We are able to do minor surgical procedures in the clinic. These include laceration repair, cryotherapy, excisions of tumors, biopies etc.


Use the Follow Us linked above to get instant notifications of sudden closures or schedule changes.


Medimap is a program that allows you to see waiting times for our clinic. Although we are using this application, we encourage patients to come in at 08:30 to be insured of a spot.


We are registered with a variety of businesses around Williams Lake for independent medicals.

Driver's Medicals

Patients with a family physician in Williams Lake are required to see their family physician to complete driver's medicals. If you don't have a FP, please come and see us.


Those without a family physician is welcome to ask us about screening. Screening include Papsmears, Blood pressure checks, Diabetes and STD screening, Mammograms and Colonoscopies.


We regret that we DO NOT prescribe medical marijuana.

Borland Connect

Borland Connect is our online platform with private services to make healthcare just a little bit more convenient. *Please note that these services are only available to patients that is registered with the clinic and was seen by the physician.

Prescription Refill

Need a prescription, but can't come to the clinic or lost it while traveling? We have integrated a refill request service that is directly linked to our physician.


We integrated a secure messaging system within Borland Connect that allows our physician to communicate with you about your results. WE ARE WORKING ON THIS.

Telephone Visit

Patients registered under Dr Schreve can request a telephone visit through the platform. We will set this up within 1 - 2 working days.

Standing Order

Patients registered under Dr Schreve can request a standing order through the online platform.

Referral Status

Request your referral status online. We will get back to you within 1 - 2 working days.

Pharmacy Update

Update you pharmacy online and we will keep it up to date for your next visit.

Medications: Not For Refills

  1. Narcotics
    1. Tylenol with codeine (Codeine)
    2. Percocet (Oxycodone)
    3. Dilauded (Hydromorphone)
    4. Fentanyl
    5. Methadone
  2. Benzodiazepines
    1. Valium (Diazepam)
    2. Restoril (Temazepam)
    3. Ativan (Lorazepam)
  3. Marijuana
    1. Medical Marijuana
  4. Sleepers
    1. Zopiclone / Zolpidem


List of Procedures

  1. Ear Flushes
  2. Punch Biopsies
  3. Cryotherapy
  4. Wart Treatment
  5. Foreign Body Removal
  6. Papsmear
  7. Allergy Shots
  8. Catheter Removal
  9. Suture Removal
  10. Shoulder Infiltration
  11. Knee Infiltration
  12. Wrist Infiltration
  13. Trigger Point Injections


Screening through the MSP 

  • MEN
    1. FIT Test > 50 years (Stool test to look for occult blood in the stool) – repeat every 2 years if negative / colonoscopy if positive
    2. STD Screening – If you are sexually active with multiple partners or is diagnosed with STD
    3. Prostate Cancer – Examination +- PSA Age 50 – 70 (Discuss this with the doctor)
    4. Overweight, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue – Sleep Apnea Screening
    5. Overweight +- Family History of Diabetes – Diabetes Screening > 40 years
    6. Blood pressure
    7. Cholesterol
    1. FIT Test > 50 years (Stool test to look for occult blood in the stool) – repeat every 2 years if negative / colonoscopy if positive
    2. STD Screening – If you are sexually active with multiple partners or is diagnosed with STD
    3. Breast Cancer:
      1. Age 40 – 74: First degree relative with breast cancer – Annual Mammograms
      2. Age 40 – 49: No family history of breast Cancer – Discuss with doctor – Available screening every 2 years
      3. Age 50 – 74: Screening recommended – Available every 2 years
      4. Age > 75: Discuss with doctor
    4. Cervical Cancer: Age 25 – 69 should be screened every 3 years
    5. Blood Pressure
    6. Cholesterol
    7. Diabetes Screening
    8. Sleep Apnea Screening

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills can be done by request and is considered an uninsured service. If you have been to the clinic and is running low on your prescription, you can submit a request for renewal of the prescription through our online platform, Borland Connect. Payment for the prescription is done online through a secure interface and the prescription will be delivered to your pharmacy within 24 hours of your request. Please note that we can not guarantee that all prescriptions will be renewed and request that you agree to the following terms and conditions when submitting your request to our physician.

 1. Only patients registered with Borland Medi-Clinic can use this service. To register, you need to open a chart by registering at the clinic located at 452 Borland Street, Williams Lake.
2. Patients with active family doctors in the community will only receive a one month refill and is required to see their family doctor within 30 days to get more refills.
3. Patients using this service acknowledge that their prescription request will be transferred to their medical record and stored within a PIPEDA compliant solution as dictated by Canadian Law. This will be forwarded to your family doctor to comply with College Regulations. Once the prescription request is processed, it will be deleted from the Borland Medi-Clinic server located in the USA.
4. Borland Medi-Clinic physicians reserves the right to decline prescription refill requests if:
4.1 The online request form is not properly completed.
4.2 Data does not match chart details on file.
4.3 Pharmanet information dictates early refills or abuse of medications.
4.4 Patients are not registered with the Borland Medi-Clinic with the required documentation.
4.5 Medical conditions requiring a physical examination before it can be prescribed.


5. The length of refills will usually be 3 months, depending on the medical condition treated.
6. Prescription refills can only be sent to pharmacies located in British Columbia, Canada.
7. Prescription refills are not covered under MSP and therefore is a private service provided by Borland Medi-Clinic. Payment is required on submission of request and is non-refundable.
8. Borland Medi-Clinic is sole operator of this service.